About Us
Bestech Clean Energy LLC was formed in response to the need for a better more efficient green method of recycling and capturing the energy content within municipal solid waste (MSW).

Hundreds of thousands of tons of municipal solid waste MSW are produced each year. Even in municipalities with ongoing recycling programs, only a portion of the recyclable municipal waste material is sorted for reuse. The majority of the remaining waste is either landfilled or incinerated. Incineration is a proven process of treating MSW.

The methodology utilized by Bestech begins with the thorough sorting of all waste materials. Recyclable items are removed. The remaining waste is processed through a grate type Incinerator. The incinerator combusts the waste materials to extract the heat from the MSW. The heat from the combustion in the incinerator is used to power a steam boiler/turbine/generator process or, a heat exchanger/ORC turbine/generator process, to generate electricity.
Bestech CLean Energy Process