Solar Power from Closed Landfills, Brownfields, Buildings, and Unused Land
Brownfield Solar Array
Bestech Clean Energy specializes in designing and constructing large commercial solar arrays on closed landfills and brownfield land. BCE can offer municipalities and commercial customers that own closed landfills, brownfield properties or parcels of land that are not being utilized, a way to produce clean renewable solar energy. The solar arrays provide revenue to the municipalities in two ways. The customer retains ownership of the property and receives mutually agreed upon lease payments from Bestech Clean Energy for use of the land. Second the town or city receives revenue in the form of personal property taxes on the solar equipment.

There is no cost to the town or city for the solar system. Bestech Clean Energy will arrange for the financing for the cost of the solar array. If you are interested, please complete the contact form on this website and we will get back to you. We will prepare a proposal for you with information on the possible solar energy output of the project and illustrations of what the system would look like on the actual site of the project.

Our revenue for the system comes from special renewable energy rates offered by the various States. Each state has its own program to sponsor development of new solar projects which add to the renewable energy goals for that state.

You will receive reports and charts for the proposed project to assist you in your decision making.