Solar Arrays
Solar Array
Bestech Clean Energy designs, installs and operates large commercial solar arrays. If you have a site, land or building, we can analyze the property and come up with a solution for your solar power needs.

Solar cells or photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. The PV process converts sunlight to electricity by using materials such as silicon. It was discovered that certain elements, like silicon, create an electrical charge when exposed to sunlight. Solar PV systems produce clean reliable energy without polluting the environment.

Factors such as panel size, panel materials, hours of sunlight per day and sunny days per year all contribute to the amount of electricity that can be produced by solar panels.

Bestech Clean Energy will examine your site and determine the number of panels and the size of the panels to give the best solar array design.

If you have underutilized land, a solar array can turn the land into an income producing property. We can design and build the solar farm for you.